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January 29, 2020by Robin Steele0

Maintaining Your Euless Wood Fence

Advice from the Wood Fence Experts

When it comes to fences, most Euless, TX, homeowners agree there’s something about the simplicity of wood. It’s a natural material whose unique grain, knot patterns and color variations only add to its rustic beauty.

A wood fence from Superior Fence & Rail, a leading Euless wood fence company that boasts the highest quality fences, superior services, and the industry’s best warranty, is durable, sustainable, and affordable. Its natural beauty provides the perfect complement to your yard, your garden, and your landscaping. In short, it offers privacy and protection without compromising the beautiful look of your home.

Care and Keeping of your Euless Wood Fence

Of course, a natural wood fence will be affected by the outdoor elements. Sun and rain will undoubtedly cause it to swell, twist, and otherwise change. That’s the bad news. The good news is Superior Fence & Rail wood fences are constructed with high-quality lumber. In addition, the wood specification meets Miami-Dade wind codes, ensuring your Superior fence will endure even the toughest weather conditions.

To further ensure your Euless wood fence maintains its natural beauty, we offer some expert tips for maintaining your fence. We are confident that with the proper care and keeping of your Euless wood fence, you’ll enjoy its natural beauty for years to come:

  • Seal, Paint, and Stain – Ideally, your wood fence should be sealed, painted, or stained within 30 days to 6 weeks after installation. These are important steps in the care and keeping of your fence as they allow the wood to expand and contract with the amount of sunlight and temperature variations of your local climate.
  • Seal – This acts as a barrier against water. There are transparent or semi-transparent options that allow the natural beauty of the wood to shine through. A wood sealer that also contains UV stabilizers, which lessens the impact of sun exposure, is recommended. We also suggest resealing your fence annually for continuous protection.
  • Paint – Choose an alkyd oil-based primer. Prime every surface of your wood, including cut ends. Finish with two coats of top-quality acrylic latex paint. It must be completely dry before priming and painting. (Perform a sprinkle test by applying a few drops of water onto the surface of your wood. If any beading occurs, wait, and test again in a few days.) Paint must be reapplied as needed to maintain a beautiful finish.
  • Stain – Before staining, ensure the surface is completely dry by performing the above ‘sprinkle test.’ Once dry, select a stain with the longest manufacturer’s warranty. The stain should also have a UV stabilizer and a water repellent.
  • Clean Your Wood Fence – Cleaning your fence with a pressure washer, using low pressure and a mild soap that is formulated specifically for cleaning pressure-treated wood, will ensure your fence is free of dirt and mold. Once its cleaned and completely dried, reapply sealant or stain.

There are additional steps you can take in the care and keeping of your Euless wood fence, including regular inspection of all materials. Be sure to note any irregularities in the wood or fasteners. (Superior Fence & Rail uses only the best materials, including our fasteners, which are hot-dipped galvanized ring shank nails.) If any materials need to be replaced, dispose of treated wood only in landfills or burned in commercial incinerators or boilers.

Remember, a wood fence is a thing of natural beauty. Even the highest quality Superior Fence & Rail wood fence will shrink slightly as it dries, some splitting may occur and fence colors will fade to brown or weathered gray. If you would like the look of a wood fence but not sure you can commit to the care and keeping of your Euless wood fence, Superior Fence & Rails’ Heartwood, a vinyl fence that simulates the look of wood, might be a better option.

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