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March 26, 2020by Robin Steele0

Do I Need a Permit for Raleigh Fence Installation?

A top-notch fence company handles all aspects of Raleigh fence installation, including permitting.

If you intend to install a new fence, working with a best-in-class Raleigh fence company is crucial. This company offers a wide range of quality fence options, along with a professional team to perform fence installation. It also provides Raleigh fence permitting guidance and support.

Raleigh property owners are required to get a permit before they can install a new fence. In fact, the Raleigh fence permitting process involves the following steps:

1. Survey

A current survey of your property is required to obtain a Raleigh fence permit. You may have received a survey when you closed on your Raleigh house or business. Or, you can hire a company to perform a property survey.

2. Paperwork

A permit application must be completed. The application is available online and requires you to consider if your property is located in a historic district or designated as a Raleigh historic landmark, contains private well or septic services, and other factors.

3. Approval

After you provide the required information for Raleigh fence installation, your submission will be accepted or rejected. You should ensure that all information provided for fence installation in Raleigh is accurate and up to date. That way, you may boost the likelihood of receiving approval for your fence project.

Fence installation in Raleigh may seem complex, regardless of whether you want to erect a fence around your home or business. Fortunately, there’s Superior Fence & Rail, a Raleigh fence company that streamlines permitting.

Superior ranks as a top fence company in Raleigh, thanks in part to our commitment to customer service. We work with Raleigh homeowners and business operators to help them find the right fence for their properties. Next, we provide a personalized Raleigh fence recommendation and respond to any fence installation concerns or questions.

If a homeowner or business operator decides to move forward with a fence installation project, we begin the permitting process. We dedicate the necessary time and resources to provide the proper permitting documentation for a fence project in Raleigh. In addition, we submit all permit documents in a timely fashion, so a fence project can be initiated as soon as possible.

Once the Raleigh government approves a fence installation permit request, we begin a fence project. We work diligently to install a first-rate fence that matches your expectations. Also, we perform fence installation at a date and time that works for you.

After we install your fence, we’re available to provide support in any way we can, too. Thus, if you have concerns or questions following fence installation at your Raleigh home or business, we’re happy to respond to them.

As you explore the different types of fences available in Raleigh, we encourage you to get in touch with us. We can guide you through the fence installation process, as well as teach you the ins and outs of various fence options. To learn more or to schedule a Raleigh fence project consultation, please contact us online or call us at (919) 335-4008.

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