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March 22, 2020by Robin Steele0

Can I Install a Fence Myself on my Franklin Tennessee Property?

You’d like to install a new fence on your Franklin TN property. Maybe you just got a new dog or you have young children that you’d like to keep safe. Perhaps you put in a new swimming pool or want to protect your new landscaping project. You may simply like some privacy so that you and your family can enjoy your yard uninterrupted by neighbors.

Whatever your need for a fence, you may be thinking, “How hard can it be? I choose my fence material (wood, vinyl, aluminum, etc.), stick a few posts into the ground, and put it all together. I’m in decent physical shape and I have time for this project.” Sounds easy enough, right?

Actually, installing a fence may be more complicated than you think. While you may believe you’ll save on labor costs by installing your own fence, your Franklin fence installation project can quickly turn into headaches, blisters, sore muscles, or even worse…mistakes, frustration and wasted time.

Here are some questions you may encounter when considering installing a fence yourself:

  • Where is the Property Line? Can you use an old survey? What happens if you encroach on your neighbor’s property?
  • Do you need to get a permit from the city or county to build? How do you obtain one? What happens if you don’t get one?
  • What kind of fencing material should you use? You like a wooden fence, but you have to stain and maintain it. You may want to use a simple inexpensive chain link fence, but your HOA may not allow it.
  • How much material do you need to purchase? How much will the delivery of materials cost?
  • How does the material piece together? Do you have to nail it together?
  • What about underground lines? Where are your underground cable, water, electrical, gas and utility lines buried exactly? How do you locate them?
  • Do you need to get permission to build? Do you need to get a permit from the city or county or HOA approval before building a fence?
  • How deep do you dig the holes? Frost line depths vary geographically. How deep do you have to dig the post holes? Do you need to cement them in place?
  • How far apart do you dig the holes? What if you measure incorrectly?
  • Is your yard suitable to build a fence? Is your yard level? What if it has an incline? Is it relatively soft dirt or clay or is it full of rocks?
  • Are the materials warrantied? Does the company you purchase materials from offer a warranty?
  • How will you handle repairs in the future? How much will those repairs cost?

As you can see, installing your own fence can bring about many challenging questions.

Which is the best Franklin fence installation company to turn to for answers?

Superior Fence & Rail can help answer all of these questions and more. We are your local Franklin TN fence installation experts. With 16 physical locations across four Southeastern US states, we install over 2 million feet of fence each year. Because we are so large, we can pass off huge savings to our customers. We offer various financing options to fit every budget. We can install your fence more quickly and with less stress than if you try to install it yourself. You and your family can be outside enjoying your new fenced-in yard in no time.

Which Franklin Fence Installer has the highest rating?

With over 3,000 reviews and a 92% rating, we are the Franklin TN fence company with a higher satisfaction rating than any other Nashville fence company. In fact, we are the highest rated fence company in the country!

Let us do all of the hard work. Call us today at (615) 988-4455 or email us at [email protected].

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