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November 20, 2019by Robin Steele0
In today’s world, it is not uncommon for us to seek out the opinions of others before deciding on a purchase of any size.  From cell phones to hotels and resorts, we search for the best value and experience that a business can provide.  Why should choosing an Apex fence company be any different?

What is uncommon about the reviews at Superior Fence & Rail, is the large amount of customer reviews that we have compiled over the years.  This speaks to a couple of key points that differentiate us from other Apex fence companies.

We are an experienced Apex fence company.

Superior Fence & Rail has over 20 years’ experience in the fencing industry.  Longevity is one key element that separates us from other fence contractors.  The fact that we have been serving clients for so long, growing our business to more than 15 locations speaks to our credibility.  We have been building vinyl fences, wood fences, and even specialty fences, like pool fences and dog fences for homeowners across the southeast to rave reviews for a very long time.

Our clients love our fences and they take the time to review us.

How often have you had such a great experience with a company, that you set aside time afterwards to rate that company and leave a review?  It’s easy for us to forget to go online to review a product or company that we love, no matter our good intentions.  Superior Fence & Rail clients are so satisfied that 3,000 of them have made sure to rate and review us after their fence is built!  No other fence company, but Superior Fence & Rail, has amassed this many certified client reviews.  We have a 4.7/5 customer rating – see our reviews here!

What can you expect when choosing us as your Apex fence company?

Superior Fence & Rail’s team of Apex fence professionals are focused on providing each client with the best product and best experience available in the fencing industry – period.  When you call us, you will be treated respectfully – every time.  Your needs will be heard and addressed throughout your project and thereafter if a need arises.  At Superior Fence & Rail, we understand that some of our clients might have had adverse experiences with home improvement companies in the past.  We aim to make your experience with our company the best you can have in the fencing industry.

What’s so great about Superior Fence & Rail fences?

Each year, our 16 locations produce and install more than 2,000,000 linear feet of fencing – yes, MILLION!  Our fences are some of the best in the business.  They are built to last, by our teams of expert fence installation crews.  Here is a bit of information about a few of the fences that we provide at Superior Fence & Rail.

Vinyl fences

One of our most popular types of fences is vinyl.  Vinyl fences are a sensible choice for those, who are looking for a beautiful and durable fence, which does not require annual maintenance like wood fences.  What makes Superior Fence & Rail’s vinyl fences so great, is that they are built from a custom vinyl specification that exceeds south Florida wind load requirements.  Your Apex vinyl fence will weather the storm!

Pool fences

Homeowners trust Superior Fence & Rail for their pool fences, because we know our business.  It matters to us that your pool fence meets and exceeds code for the safety of your family and guests.  Our self-latching gates, fences with no foot or hand holds for climbing over, and vertical pickets that cannot be passed through, make our pool fences the safest you can buy.  You can count on Superior Fence & Rail to provide you a beautiful, safe, and durable pool fence for your home.

Dog fences

It’s a pet-friendly world outside – make sure your yard is pet friendly inside.  Our pets are welcome in hotels, patios of restaurants, and even in our NC breweries.  Make sure that your home is pet-friendly and pet-safe too!  Often, the fences we have for privacy in our back yards are suitable for humans, but present problems when it comes to pets being able to escape.  Call Superior Fence & Rail for a custom dog fence for your home, which will not only keep your best friends safely inside but prevent other loose pets from entering.  We will see to it that your backyard is a haven of safety and security for your pups!

Are you ready to discuss your fence needs with the most trusted Apex NC fence company?  Contact Superior Fence & Rail of Raleigh by telephone at (919) 335-4008 or email us today at [email protected].

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