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Why Choose Home Depot Installed Fencing

Satisfaction Guarantee
Generous Financing

The Home Depot Fence Installation Advantage

We are the only fence company Home Depot trusts to install fencing for its customers. From Jacksonville to South Florida, Superior Fence & Rail is the exclusive service provider of fencing for over 100 Home Depot stores. We provide sell, furnish and install services to Home Depot clients for all types of fencing and railing products, backed by Home Depot’s world class customer service guarantee.

Home Depot Fence Reliability

When you have a question or concern, Home Depot will be there to make sure it is addressed. You can visit a store (a store is always nearby), call 1-800 Home Depot, call the Service Provider, or contact the Customer Support Division. If you raise a question or concern, fifteen people are calling us until it is resolved. Home Depot is there when you need them 

Home Depot Fence Quality

Quality – License and insurance is just the minimum criteria to be a service provider. In order to be hired and retained as a service provider, Home Depot requires a 95% or better customer rating – Every customer is surveyed after the installation. An “A” rating is the minimum . An “A plus” is the goal. All employees pass a rigorous background check – All employees must maintain a legal work status and remain felony free. Home Depot has done the research 

Home Depot Fence Guarantee

All products come with lengthy warranties and Home Depot provides a one year workmanship warranty. We all know that there are two things that are important about warranties – what they say and what company is standing behind them. Home Depot is a large stable company that will be there to back up its warranty. Lengthy warranties are standard with Home Depot installations 

Home Depot customers spend an average of $100K in their lifetime. Home Depot has a one hundred thousand reasons to make sure that you are happy with your fence purchase – because they want to retain you as a customer.  Home Depot will make sure you are a happy customer 

Fence Financing

Home Depot offers generous financing options to help you make an easier purchase. You always get six months 0% interest, but most of the time we can get you 12 months. Are you going to use your Home Depot card to buy the fence?

If Home Depot trusts Superior Fence & Rail with their customer’s fencing needs, shouldn’t you?



V.O.C. stands for “Voice of the Customer” and it’s the yardstick by which Home Depot measures how well their service providers perform their job according to customer satisfaction surveys on a scale of 1 to 10. Our score ranks us in the Top 3 Percent Nationwide of all Home Depot Installed Service Providers.

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