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Is your company a member of the Better Business Bureau?

Yes we are. We have been a member since we began business and use special arbitration procedures laid out by the BBB to resolve disputes. More importantly, we have no complaints on our record, not a small feat considering we sell and install thousands of jobs each year.

Does your company use concrete when installing a fence?

Yes we do. We use concrete whenever we install a vinyl fence, an aluminum fence or a chain link fence. The only exception is with wood fencing – please check with your local office to determine whether concrete is used on all, some, or none of the wood fence posts. Other than this exception, we include concrete on each post that is installed.

Do you use company installers or do you use subcontractors?

We use company installers exclusively. No subcontractors. Our company installers are professionally trained in the installation of fence. Because they are company employees, every foreman and assistant that works on your property is covered by worker’s compensation so you won’t have to concern yourself with having to foot the bill if someone gets injured on your property.

Does your company have any insurance coverage?

Absolutely. We have a 2,000,000.00 general liability policy, a 1,000,000.00 commercial automobile policy and a 1,000,000.00 worker’s compensation policy. If the company you are considering hiring does not carry workers compensation, liability or commercial automobile insurance, you may want to rethink your decision to use them because you could end up being liable in the event that something happens on your property.

Does your company provide any warranties for your fence products?

Yes we do. Our materials come with lengthy product warranties from the manufacturer and our company offers a three year workmanship warranty on our installation for most of our products. Our aluminum fencing and our vinyl fence comes with a transferable lifetime warranty. This means that not only is the warranty good for the original purchaser, but it can also be transferred to the subsequent purchaser of your home. To transfer the vinyl fence warranty, a registration card must be filled out by the transferee. Also, it is important to note that our vinyl fence is one of the few in the entire industry that carries a warranty that is not just backed by the parent company but is actually underwritten by a firm that guarantees the performance of the warranty (similar to the way a re-insurance companies guarantees the performance of other insurance companies).

What types of vinyl fences do you offer?

Our company is a vinyl fence fabricator that has the ability to fabricate over 120 different styles of vinyl fences, gazebos and associated garden products. The most common styles of vinyl fence we sell are tongue and groove privacy, privacy with lattice accent, semi-privacy, picket and pool code fence. Call our office today and let us help you pick the vinyl fence that’s right for you!

What type of hardware do you use for your gates?

Our company uses only premium gate hardware. For our vinyl fence, we typically install self closing adjustable stainless steel hinges with a stainless steel post latch. We also install Tru-Close Hinges and a two-sided Lok n Latch latching system, both of which are manufactured by D & D Technologies and are made from a heavy duty black plastic composite. For our aluminum fences, we use Tru-Close Hinges and a Z-Lok two handled lock and latching system also from D & D Technologies.

Do you sell 6 ft. wide vinyl fence panels or 8 ft. wide vinyl fence panels?

Our company installs vinyl fence constructed in both six ft. wide and eight ft wide panels. Six ft. wide vinyl fence panels do not typically require reinforcement in the horizontal rails, while eight ft. wide panels do require reinforcement. All of our Superior Fence Products vinyl fence panels that come in eight foot width are either reinforced with StayStraight technology or aluminum inserts.

Do you sell virgin vinyl fence or does your fence have regrind vinyl in it?

Our vinyl fence is made from 100 percent virgin vinyl. This is in contrast to many companies that sell a co-extruded vinyl profile where only the cap stock (outer wall) is virgin vinyl and the substrate (inner wall) is made from recycled vinyl (regrind). Worse still, much of the regrind material on the market is not even recycled fence but instead comprises recycled vinyl window and door lineal that are inferior in grade to vinyl fence.

What is difference between Home Depot fence (bracketed) and your fence (routed)?

There are several differences between our vinyl fence and a bracketed style of vinyl fence that is typically sold by Home Depot. The major difference is the quality. Our routed vinyl fence has thicker vinyl walls, more ultraviolet inhibitors to prevent discoloration and is fabricated, not glued together. The result is a much stronger fence that is seamless in its structure and will not come apart because adhesion is lost. Another major difference is that our fence does not require brackets or fasteners during installation so there are no unsightly sharp metal objects to protrude from the fence and discolor the vinyl over time.

What types of vinyl fence caps do you offer?

Our standard vinyl fence caps are the pyramid flat caps. We also offer vinyl Gothic caps, New England caps, Ball caps and Coachman caps for an additional price.

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