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May 4, 2017by Chris Johnson


Permitting a fence in Orlando

Almost every city and county in central Florida, including Orlando, requires a permit before a fence can be installed. The fence permit submittal process can vary slightly, but generally the submittal includes a permit application (executed by the homeowner and the contractor) a copy of the property survey which has the location of the fence marked on it, and if the job is larger than $2500, an executed and notarized notice of commencement (“NOC”).

(Tip: To find a copy of your survey , look in the title paperwork for your home. If you cannot find a copy anywhere, you may be able to call up the title company to see if they can locate a copy for you). If a notice of commencement is required, then the original notarized NOC must be taken and recorded with the clerk of the court. In the case of a fence that is to be installed in Orlando, the NOC will need to be recorded in Orange County. After the NOC is recorded, it must be taken down to the permit office and filed in order to apply for the fence permit. Additionally, if the homeowner lives in a neighborhood, it is prudent to seek permission in advance from their Homeowner’s Association as to the height and style of the fence before it is installed.

One more thing to note even though it’s not really part of the permitting process: Before any digging takes place on a property, a utility locate needs to be called in or it can be ordered online. The purpose of the utility locate is to have any and all underground public utilities on the property marked. That way, whoever is excavating on the property knows where not to dig. Keep in mind that only underground public utilities will be marked so if you have a hot tub or a grill that runs off a large propane tank in your yard, that will need to be marked separately.

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