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November 3, 2017by Zach Peyton


Fencing and Your Homeowners Association

Most people want to put a fence around their yard in order to better protect and define their property. However, when you live in an area with a Homeowners Association, your decision to put up a fence is not entirely up to you.

The fact is that many HOAs have rules about what types of fences are appropriate within the neighborhood. Therefore, before installation, your plans should be approved by an Architectural Review Committee at your HOA.

In most cases, the committee will look at the height and type of fencing involved. You may be required to use certain materials and observe height limitations. Moreover, the committee will also look at the placement of the fence.

When you submit your plans, be sure to have the following information:

  • Your fence plan
  • A property survey
  • Fence specifications

The Architectural Review Committee is made up of people who live on your street. If your HOA has a management company, the company may also be included in the final decision. The review process will generally cost about $25, but some areas may have fees up to $50. Another fee to be aware of is the retainer deposit. This deposit can be up to $500, and it is designed to ensure compliance. Once your fence is installed and inspected, it will be returned to you.

If there is a problem with your fence, you may be fined for non-compliance. These fines indicate that your fence does not comply with the rules approved by the HOA. If you do not take responsibility for the fine, it may result in a lien on your property. This is why you should always get approval in advance.

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