Vinyl FenceThe Best Vinyl Fence on the Market Today

January 24, 2017by Chris Johnson


The Best Vinyl Fence on the Market Today

The best vinyl fence on the market is the PrivacyLock privacy fence by Superior Fence Products. How can I make such a bold statement? I’ll tell you. For many years now, vinyl fence has been viewed as a commodity with few differences among suppliers. The vinyl privacy fence from one supplier is virtually identical to the vinyl privacy fence from another supplier is virtually identical to the vinyl privacy fence from a third supplier. The process of extruding the fence and the “recipe” of the resin that goes into the fence (including the impact modifiers and ultraviolet inhibitors) was perfected years ago and is now standardized in the industry. The profile sizes for the components that make up the fence, whether it is a 7/8” x 6” picket, a 5” square post or a 1 ¾” x 5 ½” rail, are also fairly standardized.

For that reason, there is very little differentiation between products. Manufacturers have tried unsuccessfully to differentiate their products by making small changes to their component products (such as adding or subtracting webbing, or increasing or decreasing the size of the rail a quarter of an inch), but these changes have not qualitatively changed the product and have really just served to cause more confusion than to distinguish one product from another. The point is, there has been very little innovation in the field of vinyl fence in the last twenty or so years. That was, until Superior Fence Products released their highly popular, patented, PrivacyLock vinyl fence picket.

Unlike the traditional vinyl fence picket, which fits together using a tongue and groove construction, PrivacyLock pickets actually lock together. First, this makes for a superior installation because the locking mechanism of the PrivacyLock picket prevents the installers from “cheating” on the installation (spreading the pickets to fill small gaps in the fence where their measurements were slightly off). Secondly, and more importantly, the PrivacyLock picket is engineered for higher wind loads than the standard tongue and groove picket.

When vinyl privacy fences fail, it is typically because wind flexes the picket causing small gaps in the fence that the wind then blows through, destroying the fence.  Because the PrivacyLock picket locks together, wind cannot get through and consequently, much higher wind levels are necessary before the fence will fail. In an industry where there hasn’t been innovation for almost twenty years, the PrivacyLock vinyl fence picket stands alone as a true differentiator. That’s the reason that we can say with confidence that the best vinyl fence on the market today uses PrivacyLock vinyl fence pickets by Superior Fence Products.

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