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March 24, 2020by Robin Steele0

How Do I Secure The Best Cary Fence Financing?

Money is tight. Sometimes, you feel like you may never get ahead. Every day for the past few months, your kids beg you for a new puppy. You’d love to see them run around and play in your backyard safely with their new puppy, just like you did with your dog when you were a child. But you’ll need to install a fence first.

How can you afford a new fence with all of those other bills? Building a fence at your Cary, NC home is an improvement that will most likely add value to your property. With a new fence in place, you can finally get that puppy and make your kids the happiest kids in the neighborhood. Can you build a fence when you have no funds available for the project?

Sure you can! You’ve decided on the type of fence you’d like to install. Now, how will you pay for it?

Things To Consider When Shopping For Cary Fence Financing

 Don’t let lack of funds or even a low credit score stop you from moving forward with your fence installation project. You can very likely secure a loan for your new fence and be able to start the project now. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for a fence loan:

Available funds. How much money (if any) do you currently have available upfront to put towards this project? However small that amount may be, it will help bring your loan amount down and keep your payments as low as possible for the duration of the loan term.

Credit score. What if your credit score is less than stellar? If you think your credit score is too low to secure a fence loan, you may be pleasantly surprised. You may pay a higher interest rate if your score is on the lower side, but you should be able to secure a loan.

Length of loan. How long do you want to take to pay for your fence? Do you think you’ll be able to pay off the fence in 2 years? Or do you think you’ll need a longer term in order to keep those payments low?

Income. When lending money for fencing projects, lenders often consider your income level and your debt to income ratio. Do not let this deter you.

Shop around. Don’t agree to the first loan offer you receive. Take time to shop for your fence loan. Different lenders offer different loan options and rates with varying fees. You can find an option that will work for you if you take time to shop.

Which Cary Fence Company Offers The Best Financing Options?

If the idea of shopping for a fence loan is overwhelming to you, let us help you! Superior Fence & Rail has over 3,000 customer reviews and a 92% approval rating. In fact, Superior Fence & Rail has the highest customer satisfaction rating of any fence company in the country! Choose us as your Cary fence company, and you’ll see how easy it is to get started on your fence installation project, even if you don’t have money put aside. We offer:

  • Our free fence financing calculator
  • Our network of over 13 preferred lenders
  • Loans from $1,000 to $100,000
  • Loan terms from 2 to 12 years
  • Loans for customers with FICO scores as low as 500
  • Rates as low as 4.99% APR

Don’t wait to start protecting what matters to you. Start your Cary fence installation project now! Call Superior Fence & Rail today at (407) 971-7804. Ask about our various competitive and creative financing options. The sooner you contact us, the sooner your children can meet their new puppy!

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